Another Wednesday has rolled around (as it seems to do on a weekly basis), bringing with it another new issue of The Beano! HOORAY FOR WEDNESDAYS!

This week’s issue includes two strips that I worked on, which I will go on to talk about in more detail once I’ve finished this sentence, right…about…NOW.

The first strip I’ll talk about is Roger the Dodger, on which I took  over writing duties in last week’s issue. This week’s strip sees the return of Roger’s infamous dodge books (see picture above), which have appeared less and less in his weekly tales ever since Roger upgraded to a Dodge Pod and then latterly a Dodge Pad – he is nothing if not a thoroughly modern dodger. But I still kinda like the old dodge books (indeed, I tried making my own when I was a lad) so thought I’d bring them back for an episode.

Elsewhere, we also have the third (I think) strip in my current Ant-Man parodying series ‘Pant-Man’. This week, our hero is called upon to help another superhero, Captain Heroic! It’s the big crossover event nobody wanted! HOORAY!


Talking of Pant-Man and Ant-Man, last week I discovered (via Twitter) that Ant-Man himself, Paul Rudd, used to read The Beano and Dandy as a kid. Here’s that remarkable revelation, from a Q&A session at an Ant-Man press screening:


So, at the European Premiere of said film, Rudd was presented with a framed Beano cover (featuring himself!) along with a teeny-tiny ant-sized edition of The Beano, including in it my second Pant-Man strip from last week! I like to think that Rudd dashed home with a magnifying glass, squinted at the strip and laughed himself hoarse. NO-ONE RUIN THAT ILLUSION FOR ME.


How Rudd-y marvellous, eh? Why not live like a Hollywood A-lister and pick up the latest Beano out NOW, priced £2.20. Or enter the competition over on The Beano’s website to win the same goodie bag that Paul Rudd received. Excelsior!

– Fanton.

When Pant-Man Met Ant-Man
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