The latest issue of Viz magazine is out today, and for the fourth time, the mad fools have let me befoul its pages with my demented daubings. HURRAH!

This time, the strip in question is entitled ‘The Facebook of Sherlock Holmes’ and features the Great Detective finding himself up against the greatest evil he’s yet encountered – social media!

I’m very proud to get this one in the comic, not only as the idea made me laugh, but I’m a huge Holmes fan so it was fun to draw him (classic style, no Cumberbatch here) even for something as silly as this.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle famously wrote his first Sherlock story while working as a doctor here in Portsmouth (where I am based) so I hope I’ve done my fellow Portsmouthian proud, and look forward to seeing the City Museum doubtlessly setting up an exhibition in my honour as well. GET TO IT, POMPEY!

Anyhoo, here’s a preview of the strip, taken from Viz 241 (the Christmas issue, no less!)

holmesfbprevAlso note the cheeky cameo from my creation Lord Likely there, the other great Victorian sleuth and renowned lothario. HUZZAH!

Viz 241 is in the shops now, priced £3.20. I deduce that you should BUY IT.

– Fanton.



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