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Read This Post. You Have 20 Seconds To Comply

roboprevIT’S a New Year, and I’ve got a NEW strip starting in this week’s Beano (cover date 10th January). WOO-HOOOOO!

The new endeavour is a mini-strip called ‘Robopop’, about a boy who’s father is half dad, half machine!

Some of you may have instantly picked up on the oh-so subtle wordplay in the strip’s title, and realised that it’s a parody of the classic 1987 film Robocop, and the recent less-gory 12-certificated remake that came out last year.

Of course, children don’t need to be familiar with either to enjoy the strip (the name and design are there for parents who – like me – remember the original). The central conceit – what would it be like if you had a robot dad? – is one that kids can have fun with, and hopefully they will indeed have fun with this strip!

I personally LOVE Robocop (the sequel slightly less so, and the less said about the bum-clenchingly awful threequel the better) so it was a hoot parodying it for the strip, placing the unemotional, hi-tech machine in charge of a cheeky boy. Suffice to say, Robopop’s arsenal contains nothing worse than a water pistol.

Robopop will run for twelve weeks, starting in The Beano out NOW! I’d buy that for a dollar! Well, £2.20, to be precise.

- Fanton.


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The Game Is Afoot!

The latest issue of Viz magazine is out today, and for the fourth time, the mad fools have let me befoul its pages with my demented daubings. HURRAH!

This time, the strip in question is entitled ‘The Facebook of Sherlock Holmes’ and features the Great Detective finding himself up against the greatest evil he’s yet encountered – social media!

I’m very proud to get this one in the comic, not only as the idea made me laugh, but I’m a huge Holmes fan so it was fun to draw him (classic style, no Cumberbatch here) even for something as silly as this.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle famously wrote his first Sherlock story while working as a doctor here in Portsmouth (where I am based) so I hope I’ve done my fellow Portsmouthian proud, and look forward to seeing the City Museum doubtlessly setting up an exhibition in my honour as well. GET TO IT, POMPEY!

Anyhoo, here’s a preview of the strip, taken from Viz 241 (the Christmas issue, no less!)

holmesfbprevAlso note the cheeky cameo from my creation Lord Likely there, the other great Victorian sleuth and renowned lothario. HUZZAH!

Viz 241 is in the shops now, priced £3.20. I deduce that you should BUY IT.

- Fanton.



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A Gremlin in the Works

emlynbeachprevALTHOUGH my website vanished earlier this year, don’t think for one minute that I’ve not been keeping busy. NOT FOR ONE MINUTE!

Among the jobs I’ve been doing are various bits and pieces for The Beano, the latest of which is called Emlyn the Gremlin.

Emlyn the Gremlin, as any Beano historian will know, was a strip that ran in the comic between 1989-90, and was illustrated by the great Bob Dewar. It was a strip I fondly remembered from my time as a kid reading The Beano, and thought it was long overdue a return to the pages of Britain’s best kids’ comic. So I pitched it.

Happily, Beano HQ loved the idea, and thirteen half-page strips were commissioned. We’re about halfway through the run now (possibly just over, I’ve lost count) so there’s still plenty more to come. HOORAY!

The Beano is out every Wednesday, priced £2. Go get it!

- Fanton.

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