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Iiiiiiiiiit’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas!


Well here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun – or so Seventies sideburned seasonal songsters Slade once sang. And they were right, everybody WILL be having fun once they get their hands on the slew of festive funnies coming your way from D.C Thomson this year! Firstly, we have the Beano Christmas Special, which isn’t to be confused with the weekly comic’s Christmas issue (more of which in a…
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Gimme Five


Just over five years ago I was unemployed, having been unceremoniously ‘let go’ from my job working in a call centre. To be honest, it was a job I hated, but nonetheless I needed to find work again pronto, lest I find myself eating cardboard and sawdust for the near future. I decided that (as well as applying for all sorts of other jobs) this ‘break’ in employment was as…
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Knights To See You, To See You Knights


It’s St. George’s Day, everyone! And what better way to celebrate the occasion than with news of the return of George vs Dragon? Ah-ha, that’s a trick question – there clearly is NO better way. Yes, George vs Dragon, the series I created back in 2010 for The Dandy comic and which is based on the PROPER TRUE STORY of St. George’s life, is making a glorious return this year, in not one but…
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Park Life


EMLYN the Gremlin’s adventures continue in The Beano this week, as the invisible imp causes a palava in the playground. Here’s an unlettered preview of this week’s strip:   On a related note, will this be the last issue of The Beano before Scotland declares itself independent? That’d be a bit peculiar, to suddenly find oneself working for a ‘foreign’ publication! I’ve always thought The Beano was one of those…
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Don’t Mess With Emlyn


IT’S Wednesday, or as any right-minded person knows it, ‘Beano Day’. HURRAH! My take on the 1980s classic Emlyn the Gremlin continues in this week’s issue, wherein Emlyn makes a mess for a hapless fellow. Here’s a sneaky peek of a couple of un-lettered panels from the strip: What happens next? Find out by picking up The Beano from all good shops TODAY! I just hope you don’t think my strip sucks. Ah-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
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Hello world!


Hello, world! Well, it’s been a while. Unless this is your first visit to my website, in which case it’s been no time at all. But regular readers may well have noticed that my entire website vanished from the ‘internet’ earlier this year, and remained vanished. There was, ironically enough (given the fact I’ve been writing and drawing brand-new Emlyn the Gremlin strips for The Beano) a gremlin in the works….
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