BECAUSE I can never sit still and always like to mix things up a bit or set myself a new challenge, I’ve begun a new gaming channel on that there YouTube, called One Pea Play. There’s a handful of videos there already, including:

Me eating crisps!

Me watching an installation screen!

Me looking into Noel Edmonds’ cold, dead eyes!

With content like THAT, it can’t be long until I’m the next Pepe Le Pew, or whatever that famous YouTuber’s name is.

Big thanks to my girlfriend Naomi Gibbs for helping me get the equipment for this endeavour (for my birthday, no less!) and for Andi Woodford for aiding and abetting with his wisdom (check out his gaming stuff, here!)

If you enjoy the vids please give them a like, and subscribe, and yell out their URLs at people in the street – it all helps!

Normal comic-based service will resume soon.

See you in the arcades, kids!

– Fanton.

Ruddy Player One
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