roboprevIT’S a New Year, and I’ve got a NEW strip starting in this week’s Beano (cover date 10th January). WOO-HOOOOO!

The new endeavour is a mini-strip called ‘Robopop’, about a boy who’s father is half dad, half machine!

Some of you may have instantly picked up on the oh-so subtle wordplay in the strip’s title, and realised that it’s a parody of the classic 1987 film Robocop, and the recent less-gory 12-certificated remake that came out last year.

Of course, children don’t need to be familiar with either to enjoy the strip (the name and design are there for parents who – like me – remember the original). The central conceit – what would it be like if you had a robot dad? – is one that kids can have fun with, and hopefully they will indeed have fun with this strip!

I personally LOVE Robocop (the sequel slightly less so, and the less said about the bum-clenchingly awful threequel the better) so it was a hoot parodying it for the strip, placing the unemotional, hi-tech machine in charge of a cheeky boy. Suffice to say, Robopop’s arsenal contains nothing worse than a water pistol.

Robopop will run for twelve weeks, starting in The Beano out NOW! I’d buy that for a dollar! Well, £2.20, to be precise.

– Fanton.


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