EMLYN the Gremlin’s adventures continue in The Beano this week, as the invisible imp causes a palava in the playground. Here’s an unlettered preview of this week’s strip:



On a related note, will this be the last issue of The Beano before Scotland declares itself independent? That’d be a bit peculiar, to suddenly find oneself working for a ‘foreign’ publication! I’ve always thought The Beano was one of those things that the entire country could be proud of, based in Dundee but over the years showcasing a great variety of talent from both sides of the border. If Scotland votes ‘YES’ today, will those of us working from the rest on the union have to send along our artwork with passports? Will we need jabs? Will Beanotown itself declare independence and set itself up as a separate nation with Dennis the Menace as its first minister?

Well, of course not. Whichever way the vote goes, I wish Scotland all the best, and hope they get the result that’s best for them.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest issue of The Beano, out NOW for just £2. HOORAY!

– Fanton.

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