I’ve had a bit of a run of spoof mini-strips in The Beano recently. First, there was my Jurassic World parody ‘Jurassic Play Park’, followed by the recent Ant-Man-skewering ‘Pant Man’ and now the latest addition to this trilogy of tomfoolery is ‘Minedaft’, my silly take on the videogame phenomenon Minecraft. 

I’d tried pitching Minecraft spoofs before, but to no avail, probably because one of them was called ‘Mimedaft’ and, yes, featured mimes. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Luckily for me, my six year-old stepson Oscar was on hand to give me inspiration, by coming up to me and (as he often does) telling me a joke that he’s invented. “Hey, Andy!” he said, looking pleased with himself. “Is this funny? Instead of Minecraft, what about MineDAFT?”

I laughed, then I stopped, a blocky lightbulb appearing above my head. OF COURSE a Minecraft spoof would be called MineDAFT! Why hadn’t I thought of that before? I’m clearly getting slow in my old age.

So, I asked Oscar if I could use that title for my next Beano strip, and he enthusiastically gave me the go-ahead, excited to see his idea become reality in the comic. Beano HQ liked the pitch and ordered a run, and last week the strip made its print debut. And all thanks to Oscar!

Needless to say, I have paid him for his contribution (to the cool sum of one (1) bag of Haribo) and will be paying close attention to any future gems that happen to spill forth from his inventive little mind.

Good job, Oscar! NOW GET BACK TO WORK.

– Fanton.

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