It’s St. George’s Day, everyone! And what better way to celebrate the occasion than with news of the return of George vs Dragon? Ah-ha, that’s a trick question – there clearly is NO better way.

Yes, George vs Dragon, the series I created back in 2010 for The Dandy comic and which is based on the PROPER TRUE STORY of St. George’s life, is making a glorious return this year, in not one but TWO publications!

First, you’ll see them make an appearance in this year’s Dandy Summer Special! Yes, while the comic may have ended in 2012, The Dandy’s recent summer specials have proven so popular that there’s a new one coming this year, and within it will be an all-new puzzle page featuring a certain knight and his continued rivalry with a certain big, fire-breathing lizard. HURRAH!

Then get ready for more medieval mishaps in the 2016 Dandy Annual, for there are a whopping FOUR new George vs Dragon strips inside! FOUR! WAAAARRRGGLE!

I’m beyond thrilled to have had the chance to draw these two again, as the last time I did so was for the cover of the George vs Dragon pullout for the Dennis and Gnasher Megazine last year, which was lovely to do but I’ve been YEARNING to draw up some new actual adventures for the daft duo. Finally, I’ve been given the chance to, and it was a whole heap of fun.

I’ll probably post some previews closer to the publication dates (both around June/July, I think) but until then enjoy the little poster above and have yourselves a Happy St. George’s Day!


– Fanton.

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