Hello, world!

Well, it’s been a while. Unless this is your first visit to my website, in which case it’s been no time at all. But regular readers may well have noticed that my entire website vanished from the ‘internet’ earlier this year, and remained vanished.┬áThere was, ironically enough (given the fact I’ve been writing and drawing brand-new Emlyn the Gremlin strips for The Beano) a gremlin in the works.


The truth is, I hit something of a technical hitch, during which I lost ALL of the previous blog, and the task of starting over didn’t really fill me with joy, so it remained on the backburner. Plus, in the intervening months, my girlfriend and I welcomed our son Arthur into the world (hello, Arthur! Wait, you can’t read yet). So I’ve been quite busy enough.

Work has been ticking along nicely as well, with plenty of comic work from The Beano, The Beano Annual, Dandy Annual, Viz and various other clients ensuring I couldn’t stray too far from the drawing board.

So we come to now, and finally I’ve discovered the will to relaunch the site. Things will be going up here and there, as and when I get around to it,. but in the meantime I hope you’ll poke around and enjoy what’s here thus far.

Until next time, chums (which WON’T be months upon end)!

– Fanton.


Hello world!
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