This week’s issue of The Beano (issue dated 16th July) sees the first in a short run of Bash Street Kid strips that I scripted, the second time I’ve been charged with penning tales of mischief for class 2b. This week, the kids go a bit sci-fi as they find themselves lumbered with a holographic teacher! 


As ever, it’s a complete honour to work on one of The Beano’s most enduring and iconic series and working alongside the legendary David Sutherland, who has been the series’ artist now for some 54 years! Boy, his wrist must be aching, huh?

Sadly, however, the circumstances leading to my brief tenure are not happy ones, as I am helping out regular Bash Street scribe Tommy Donbavand as he continues his courageous battle against cancer.

Tommy’s fight has been long and arduous, but as is typical of the man, he’s met it head-on with a mix of steely determination and good humour. You can follow his journey via his ‘Tommy v Cancer’ blog, where you can also support him and his family by making a donation should you so wish, or at the very least cheer him on. Tommy’s genuinely one of the nicest guys in comics, so let us all wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’s back in his rightful place at Bash Street school before too long!

– Fanton.

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