Well, today is a pretty exciting day for me in my career, for today (Wednesday the 8th of July) sees the publication of my first ever cartoon for Lord Gnome’s esteemed organ, Private Eye!

I’m absolutely overjoyed to finally get in the Eye, primarily as it’s been one of my own, personal favourite reads since I was 16, but also because it represents the last of my initial career aims. When I began freelancing back in 2010, I had four main targets to accomplish in mind: see my work printed in The Dandy, The Beano, Viz and Private Eye. With today’s turn of events, I can now safely say that I have achieved all of those goals, which feels pretty fantastic, and means that I can now RETIRE!…Well, okay, maybe not that. But it’s still pretty fabulous!

You’ll find my cartoon on page 30 of the latest Private Eye (not page 94), in the form of a little satirical sketch on the ongoing, never-ending debate in the USA about the Confederate Flag, following the tragic shootings in Charleston last month. As ever, it seems the debate has been targeted on an object that can be banned, rather than any substantial attempt to target the social issues at the core of these sorts of tragedies. I don’t question the flag’s dubious heritage, but I do wonder if people talking about the Dukes of Hazzard on Twitter is really going to prevent another senseless shooting spree.

Anyway, that’s my take on things and the thinking behind the cartoon, which you can see in the new Private Eye out now, priced £1.80.

Now let us turn to lighter subjects, as today ALSO heralds publication of the first Roger the Dodger strip to be written by me, in today’s Beano. HURRAH! It’s a privilege to take over one of the comic’s most iconic characters (especially following in the footsteps of Cavan Scott’s fantastic run). And what better way to start my tenure than by tackling those BIG, IMPORTANT questions? Here’s a sneaky peek, with art by the brilliant Barrie Appleby:


And FINALLY, in the same issue of The Beano, you’ll also find the second episode of my new superhero spoof mini-strip, Pant-Man! This week, our hero is getting all UP in evil’s FACE. Here’s a pant-filled preview!


See both of these strips in this week’s Beano, out now and priced at £2.20!

WHEW! What a Wednesday! I’m off to have a lie-down. BYE NOW!

– Fanton.

Guns and Ruses
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