Welcome, viewers, to Fant-TV! Here you’ll see a variety of videos from The Carrotty Kid pilot, to drawing guides to gaming stuff. Here’s today’s schedule:


4pm. The Carrotty Kid. NEW SERIES.

The pilot for a proposed animated series about a kung-fu fighting carrot. 1/1. China in your Hands. Carrotty is left in charge of Master Che-Ri’s china shop, just as a pesky fly threatens to ruin everything.

The Carrotty Kid…Marc Silk.
Master Che-Ri…Burt Kwouk
Count Cornelius Cobb…Marc Silk
Written and created by…Andy Fanton.
Directed by…Mike Whaite
Produced by…Jon Doyle.
A Cosgrove Hall production.


4.03pm. How to Draw…with Andy Fanton.
We rejoin cartoonist Andy Fanton as he shows us how to draw some of his characters from The Dandy comic. 1/2 & 2/2. George vs Dragon and Bad Grandad.


9pm. Newsjack.
Another comedy sketch from BBC Radio 4’s satirical comedy series, Newsjack. 10. Madonna vs Einstein. This week, Andy Fanton brings us a skit which asks whether Madonna’s back catalogue reveals some truth about the nature of physics.
Host…Justin Edwards.
Prof. Isosceles Babbage….Lewis Macleod.
Written by…Andy Fanton.


10.30pm. Ruddy Player One.
Gaming nonsense with your host, Andy Fanton. 3/infinity. Attenborough Goes Psycho. Renowned nature documentary maker Sir David Attenborough visits Rook Island in Far Cry 3, and goes a bit bonkers. Contains some strong language, and poor impressions.


1am. Closedown

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