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Here’s where you can find various videos that I’m in, if you think you can tolerate watching my weird face move and the sound of my voice.

Currently, we have two ‘How To Draw’ videos that I did for The Dandy a few years back, showing readers how to draw ‘George vs Dragon’ and ‘Bad Grandad’.

So, if you’re ready…lights, camera…INACTION!


The Carrotty Kid

I’m also pleased to present the pilot for what would have been an AMAZING cartoon series for TV, The Carrotty Kid, created by me and produced by the fine, fine folks at Cosgrove Hall Films. The legend that is Burt Kwouk voices Master Che-Ri, while vocal virtuoso Marc Silk lends his talents to Carrotty himself, and his arch-nemesis Count Cornelius Cobb. Enjoy – it’s good for you!

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