HERE are a few sample strips from some of the various comics I’ve worked on over the years. Let’s have a look at them noooooooooooow!

(All Dandy and Beano strips © D C Thomson & Co.)


George vs Dragon, my first published series that ran in The Dandy between 2010 and 2012. A collection of strips was included as a pullout with an issue of Dennis The Menace and Gnasher Megazine in 2014, before the pair returned in The Dandy annual 2016.

Harry and his Hippo.

My take on The Dandy classic of the same name, which originally ran in the 1980s. My version came out tops in a poll to find a new strip for the comic, and ran for two series from 2011.

The Carrotty Kid.

One of my own comic creations, The Carrotty Kid, seen here in a page from his own short-lived webcomic series. He also very nealry had a TV series too (see Fant-TV for ‘deets’).

Emlyn the Gremlin.

My revival of the 1980s Beano strip Emlyn the Gremlin, which ran for 13 weeks in 2014.

Randall and Hopkins: Deceased.

I’ve had a few strips published in the adult humour mag Viz now, but here’s one of my favourites, sending up renowned rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins.


Minnie the Minx

As well as drawing, I’ve also been writing for comics. I’ve written Roger the Dodger, Ball Boy, Little Plum and the Bash Street Kids for The Beano, and currently I’m the regular writer for Minnie the Minx.


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