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Ruddy Player One


BECAUSE I can never sit still and always like to mix things up a bit or set myself a new challenge, I’ve begun a new gaming channel on that there YouTube, called One Pea Play. There’s a handful of videos there already, including: Me eating crisps! Me watching an installation screen! Me looking into Noel Edmonds’ cold, dead eyes! With content like THAT, it can’t be long until I’m the next Pepe…
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Mining For Jokes


I’ve had a bit of a run of spoof mini-strips in The Beano recently. First, there was my Jurassic World parody ‘Jurassic Play Park’, followed by the recent Ant-Man-skewering ‘Pant Man’ and now the latest addition to this trilogy of tomfoolery is ‘Minedaft’, my silly take on the videogame phenomenon Minecraft.  I’d tried pitching Minecraft spoofs before, but to no avail, probably because one of them was called ‘Mimedaft’ and,…
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Summer Knights


In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s SUMMER and isn’t it hot? It’s hot. HOT. HOOOOTTTTTTT. Hot.  Obvious weather reporting aside, Summer also heralds DC Thomson’s Summer Specials, with new editions from both The Beano AND The Dandy! Yes, while The Dandy shuffled off this mortal coil back in 2012, the Summer Special still goes strong year after year, helping to make those hot hot HOT days a little bit cooler….
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