In 2007, I set up a blog under the guise of an ‘aristocratic adventurer and gentleman of action’ called The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely. It was basically an exercise to get me writing prose again (after having spent so much time on comic strips) and to that end, it was a success. I kept writing and writing, completing several stories, gathering some 20,000 visitors per month and earning mentions from The Guardian and former Daily Show-correspondant, Rob Riggle, among others. ¬†People seemed to like Likely, the damned fools.

Now, after a brief hiatus, his lordship is returning in an all-new adventure, set to be published in ebook form in 2017. Above you’ll see the cover for that new story, entitled¬†The Bellending Club. There’ll be conspiracies! Innuendo! Jokes! Moustaches! And other things!

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The Bellending Club will be released for Kindle in 2017.