The Bash Street Kids celebrate 65 years of, well, bashing this week, and there’s a special celebratory issue of the Beano out to mark the occasion!

The Bash Street Kids debuted back in 1954, under the less-punchy name ‘When the Bell Rings‘. Created by Leo Baxendale, hot on the heels of his successes with Little Plum and Minnie the Minx, the strip proved to be another hit and still remains one of the comic’s most iconic creations today.

I loved the Bash Street Kids growing up.The antics of Class 2B struck so closer to home; they could have been in my school, and they could have been my classmates. That could have been my teacher sporting a mortar board. Okay, maybe not the last bit.

I loved the anarchic, chaotic nature of the strip, so wonderfully drawn every week by the legend that is David Sutherland. David first started on the strip in 1962, and still draws it to this very day. That’s an incredible run, and I’m EXTREMELY honoured that I get to write for him every week, and to see my words coming out of the mouths of the characters he’s helped shape is really something special.

Talking of which, this week’s Beano celebrates the Bash Street birthday with an issue dedicated to them! I was very lucky to get to write six pages of Bash Street bonkersness for the issue, along with Minnie the Minx and the overarching plot for the entire issue, which sees Class 2B split up and Teacher FIRED. It was an absolute blast to write, and it gave me an excuse to sneak in lots of little references to their glorious past, such as this recreation of the kids’ ice-capades from their very first appearance (along with a nod to the guv’nor, Leo Baxendale.) Art, as ever, by the fabulous David Sutherland.

And here’s Minnie, teaming up with Toots in the very same issue, drawn by the amazing Laura Howell:

And, of course, there’s loads of other goodies from the Beano team, including Nigel Parkinson, Nigel Auchterlounie, Tommy Donbavand, Emily McGorman-Bruce, Danny Pearson, Jess Bradley, Wayne Thompson, Barrie Appleby, Ned Hartley, Leslie Stannage and Hunt Emerson! WHEW!

The Bash Street Beano is out now, priced £2.75, and worth every penny. Now let’s have the kids sing us out with The Best Song Ever Written. Happy Birthday, Bash Street!

– Fanton.


Birthday Bash
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