MANY years ago (in 2007, to be precise) I began a small blog under the guise of a lecherous Victorian aristocrat entitled The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely. 

It was largely for my own amusement, and an excuse to flex my writing muscles a bit in chronicling the exploits of this nineteenth-century rogue.

To my surprise, the blog began to attract readers who weren’t me or friends I had coerced into reading it, and before I knew it the site was attracting 20,000 visitors a month, got a mention in the online version of The Guardian, drew interest from a publisher and counted among its fans Rob Riggle (star of such movies as The Wrong Guys and 21 Jump Street). It seemed there was a bigger audience for Victorian-era adventure and smut than I had bargained upon.

However, just as his lordship looked set to establish his own Empire, I fell into my current career as a cartoonist, life got busy, and Likely had to go and take a backseat in his hansom cab.

That’s all about to change, however, for Lord Likely is returning! While I’ve maintained his site (erratically, admittedly) and often updated his social media platforms, I’ve not penned a new adventure for his lordship  in AGES. Until now.


Yes, as that advertisement shows, an all-new Astonishing Adventure is nearing completion, and is entitled A Study In Strumpets, wherein our hero is embroiled in the REAL Jack the Ripper mystery (none of this Polish hairdresser gubbins here!)

It’ll be published as an ebook this month (with any luck!) and when it does I’ll be sure to tell you all about it and attempt to make you part with your hard-earned shillings.

Until then, why not visit the virtual abode of Lord Likely to read more? But don’t let him give you a drink.

– Fanton.


A Likely Story
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