While Jurassic World has been gobbling up the box-office like a particularly ravenous T-Rex, some other dinosaurs have been rampaging through the pages of The Beano these past few weeks.

The dinosaurs in question are those in my latest Beano strip, Jurassic Play Park, a strip inspired by the latest in the Jurassic Park franchise.

I absolutely LOVED the first Jurassic Park movie. I can still remember seeing it on the opening weekend with my best friend at the time, and both of our teenage brains exploding with delight at the awesomeness on screen. For kids that grew up fascinated by these prehistoric beasts, here they were on film, looking every bit as astonishing and terrifying as we’d always imagined. It still holds up remarkably well all these years later, and still towers over its sequels (though I will still defend the third to my dying day, its a great romp, in my mind).

An unlettered preview of the sixth and final strip. What horrors await in the woods?

I’ve yet to see the latest film, but I cannot wait to do so. As soon as I heard it was coming out I started plotting a spoof for The Beano, given that the comic likes to run parodies of popular films and TV shows these days. And lo, Jurassic Play Park was born, a strip about, well, a dinosaur play park. Originally, the strip featured random young dinosaurs, but then Beano HQ suggested that they should be prehistoric versions of some of the Beano characters, which seemed to make good sense to me. Hence, we have the D-Rex (Dennis), the Plugosaurus and Fatty as a triceratops, and the strip given the tagline: ‘It’s Beanotown 65 million years B.C!” (I like to think the B.C means Before Comics, but perhaps not).

I love dinosaurs, me, and it’s been great fun to do what (I think) is my third dinosaur-related strip for DC Thomson (the other two being Cavemen in Black and Constable Caveman). The strip has nearly finished its six-week run, and with news that a sequel to Jurassic World has already been greenlit, perhaps I should start planning my own follow up. Jurassic Park & Ride, anyone?

– Fanton.

A Joke 65 Million Years In The Making
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