emlynbeachprevALTHOUGH my website vanished earlier this year, don’t think for one minute that I’ve not been keeping busy. NOT FOR ONE MINUTE!

Among the jobs I’ve been doing are various bits and pieces for The Beano, the latest of which is called Emlyn the Gremlin.

Emlyn the Gremlin, as any Beano historian will know, was a strip that ran in the comic between 1989-90, and was illustrated by the great Bob Dewar. It was a strip I fondly remembered from my time as a kid reading The Beano, and thought it was long overdue a return to the pages of Britain’s best kids’ comic. So I pitched it.

Happily, Beano HQ loved the idea, and thirteen half-page strips were commissioned. We’re about halfway through the run now (possibly just over, I’ve lost count) so there’s still plenty more to come. HOORAY!

The Beano is out every Wednesday, priced £2. Go get it!

– Fanton.

A Gremlin in the Works
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