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Monthly Archive: November 2014

The Game Is Afoot!


The latest issue of Viz magazine is out today, and for the fourth time, the mad fools have let me befoul its pages with my demented daubings. HURRAH! This time, the strip in question is entitled ‘The Facebook of Sherlock Holmes’ and features the Great Detective finding himself up against the greatest evil he’s yet encountered – social media! I’m very proud to get this one in the comic, not…
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Randall and Hopkins (Deceased)


Now that it’s seen print in a recent issue of Viz, (issue 239, numbering fans), I can now share with you the entirety of my recent Katie Hopkins-baiting strip, Randall and Hopkins (Deceased). If you’re unsure what the tenuous pun in the title is all about, ask your dad. Especially if your dad is Kenneth Cope. Anyway, here it is now for you to enjoy with your eyes now. NOW….
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